Thursday, 17 January 2013

Mirror Mirror leaning on the Wall..

I thought I'd share a mirror that I re-purposed with a crackle medium.

For those of you who have tried a crackle product before, you'll know that it takes a bit of playing around with to get it to crackle just right (ohhhh and I do get a wee bit excited when I see the cracks forming).  I'll put up my best tips for using crackle in a later post.

I was super stoked with my mirror purchase, which I got for $25 on trademe and is a biggin'. It already had a cute gold colour which I thought would look pretty as my crackle undercoat.  Basically crackle works - undercoat colour, crackle, topcoat colour.  So your top coat will 'crack' and underneath you will see your undercoat showing through. This could be wood or paint, or a combination depending on the end result you're looking for.

I taped my mirror off, then I gave the frame a good clean with meths. Next I applied my crackle (resene crackle which I highly recommend). I like to put on a thick coat of crackle, the thicker the bigger the cracks, but make sure you catch the drips!  The crackle needs to be completely dry before you paint over it, sometimes pays to just wait until the next day to be really sure.  After it was dry, I used black paint over the top in one thick swoop! A bit of distressing here and there, and some water based poly.

Unfortunately I've lost all my 'before' pics so you will just have to enjoy the aftermath..


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