Thursday, 31 January 2013

Crackle Chairs (& Some Pretty Cool Industrial Lights)..


We've been busy painting the outside of the house, which has pretty much consumed all of my waking spare time.

So I've put down the paintbrush and roller, and I'm pretty excited to be sharing with you my dining chairs which I re-purposed with some vibrant colours and Resene's crackle medium (see if you want to find out more)

The chairs were bought from the guy who owned the Love, Vintage, Retro store in Kingsland they were desperate for a bit of TLC with broken legs and an annoying case of the wobbles (a big thanks to those who helped me break them up and glue them back together).

After they were repaired, and sanded I used a white primer as the undercoat and thought that it would look good as the bottom crackle layer.

Resene crackle was applied and once dry I got to it with my bright colours! This was really one of the first times I had used this before and success - it worked brilliantly on my first chair.  As it turned out this happened to be a complete stroke of luck as the next two chairs took several attempts to get them right (stay tuned my crackle 101 tips coming real soon). Couldn't help myself, so I distressed the chairs too.  Just like all my other creations, I painted a couple of coats of water-based polyurethane over the top to protect them.

Final result.... one happy damzl in distress with a very funky dining table!

Our lights are old factory industrial lights which we gutted out and revived with a good clean and a lick of paint on the cool philips box above.  

Let me know if you are interested in the industrial lights - we have a few in storage and hoping to sell them.

Enjoy! :)

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